Urban Boutique is proud to display the work of local artist Joshua Helland

For more information visit Joshua Helland’s Web-site: http://www.joshuahellandstudio.comContemporary art is art produced at the present period in time. Contemporary art includes, and develops from, Postmodern Art, which is itself a successor to Modern Art. In vernacular English, “modern” and “contemporary” are synonyms, resulting in some conflation of the two terms.

Artist, Joshua Helland, is blazing a new trail in contemporary art. His work combines many techniques form earlier periods to address the “Human situation” here and now. Some of his influences include art form the Renaissance period, American Realism, Contemporary Realism, and Figurative Expressionism. He is heavily influenced by Romantics and Realists alike, choosing to focus on realistic subject matter while at times portraying classic beauty and a timeless sense of the ideal.

Joshua Helland is a new American artist living in San Diego, California. Some have labeled his art as “Neo-American Realism” or “Contemporary Realism.” For reference, American Realism was an early 20th-century idea in art, music and literature that showed through these different types of work, reflections of the time period. Whether it was a cultural portrayal, or a scenic view of downtown New York City, these images and works of literature, music and painting depicted a contemporary view of what was happening; an attempt at defining what was real. In America at the beginning of the 20th century a new generation of painters were coming of age. Many of the painters felt the influence of older American artists such as Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent, James McNeill Whistler, Winslow Homer, Childe Hassam, J. Alden Weir, Thomas Pollock Anshutz, and William Merritt Chase. Some contemporary artists that share this style are David Choe, Nina Hamnett, James Jean, and Maxfield Parrish.

Joshua Helland has a working class background that has given him an appreciation for all walks of life. With inspirations like Virginia Nicholson and Diana Vreeland, Joshua Helland aspires to live a Bohemian lifestyle, and contribute to humanity in that best way possible. Many have already seen the value in his work and others will surely follow. This is just the beginning of a phenomenal career for this talented Artist.

For more information visit Joshua Helland’s Web-site: http://www.joshuahellandstudio.com